Want to learn to code but don’t know where to start?

Thomas Claburn for InformationWeek has highlighted ten of the best websites to help you improve your programming skills.

These include:

Code School

This educational resource offers a good balance between explanatory videos and exercises. The variety of well-made videos about programming and other related subjects has definite appeal.


This free online tutorial has been introduced by the on-campus class provider General Assembly.

If you’re interested in learning HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, it’s a good place to start.

Empire of Code

Empire of Code is a real-time strategy game, combining education and entertainment for an engaging experience – at the moment, it’s still under development but looking ‘promising’.

Claburn explains that these are just a foundation, and that ‘the best way to learn to program is through trial and error by working on projects that interest you’.

Find out more about these resources here.