Infuse is pleased to be exhibiting and hosting a roundtable at the co-located Agile Methods and DevOps and Microservices Summit.

Agile Methods:

This conference builds on the success of our event series dedicated to Agile Programme and Project Management, Agile in the Finance Sector and Agile in the Public Sector. The event originates from the idea that learning about Agile methods is important; BUT understanding HOW they apply to your specific context is critical.

Similarly to last year, the 2017 edition features presentations covering different aspects of Agile in Programme and Project Management (for all business sectors), Public Sector and Finance. However, in order to maximise networking opportunities and cross-learning the event features all three topic areas in one track.

The programme favours case studies over theory-focused presentations and aims to connect subject experts with the audience via round table discussions, Q&A sessios and networking. In contrast to other Agile events, this conference looks at issues specifically relevant to finance, public sector and project management. At the same time the mix of agile stories and subject experts from different backgrounds promotes open-mindedness and sharing.

There is also an exhibition alongside featuring leading service providers, consultants and vendors.

Benefits of attending:

  • Meet executives and professionals from your same industry area
  • Learn from subject experts addressing issues specific to Agile Methods in Finance, Public Sector and Programme and Project Management
  • Take away insights and lessons from presentations not specifically focused on your main interest area
  • Discussion and networking are encouraged via Q&A sessions after the presentations and during the breaks
  • Round table discussions help delegates further share their views in connection with specific key topics in Agile in Finance, Public Sector and Programme and Project Management


DevOps and Microservices

DevOps now is in its seventh year of practice but the old architecture is no longer able to support the speed of delivery and so needs the additional help of Microservices and Dockers for incremental change. But adopting a new capability requires a plan that includes people, process and technology.

Microservices architecture helps to deliver easy testing, fast and deployments and overall agility. It’s also fairly complex—so to successfully implement Microservices, you need to understand the core concepts behind this approach.

Topics to be covered:

  • Changing culture to continuously deliver
  • Agility and speed of automation
  • Change with Containers / Dockers
  • Cloud and DevOps
  • Hybrid Clouds and Culture Clash
  • Test Automation
  • ChatOps & DevSecOps
  • Microservices Architecture – Core Concepts
  • Primary benefits, and drawbacks of the Microservices architecture style
  • Techniques for transforming to a Microservices architecture

Benefits of Attending:
This one day programme is designed to connect these extensive aspects as well as the challenges. Expert practitioners and thought leaders will provide information on the implementation and help you to deepen your understanding and develop your business case and build towards getting significant return on investment.

To learn more about the events, visit the Devops and Microservices Summit website or the Agile Methods website.

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