As IT teams become increasingly agile, you may be feeling that, as a tester, you should be keeping up and providing a more rounded contribution to your team. An interesting article by tester-turned-developer Andreas Grabner offers four ways you can ‘level up’ your testing game, from performing end-to-end test case sanity checks to making DevTools your friend.

But there’s one overarching theme that you may want to consider: collaborating more closely with the developers on your team.

This includes using a wide range of DevTools and analytics, helping you provide richer and more insightful data to your colleagues on a regular basis – and importantly, not being afraid to do so. Grabner says:

‘Many testers say they are afraid of using “tools a developer would use” to achieve top metrics. Most testers are not familiar with the terminology… and because they don’t speak the same language, they fear that they will not be taken seriously by developers if they present this new set of test results.’

This ‘language’ issue can be overcome if you start ‘thinking like a developer’, and, after all, if you’re making valuable contributions to the collaborative process, you can build closer and more efficient working relationships – ultimately resorting in better product.

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