2nd May 2018
Millennium Gloucester Hotel, London

The Challange:

As a result of the growing number and variety of connected devices, it is now evident that most work, play and commerce has a digital dimension. So the time has come for those organisations willing to take advantage of technology to add a digital dimension to customer experiences, and enhance engagement across any device. They can also turn the data generated by these devices into meaningful insights and quickly and effectively use this data for competitive advantage. The ability to master this feedback will be a key differentiator in enabling enterprises on the digital transformation journey, to reshape and gain a leading market position.

The Solution:

To support the enterprise’s transformation, organisations will need to develop agile and innovative capabilities as well as further industrialising IT by exploiting emerging cloud services, automation and building on the foundation of established methods, processes and services.

The How to:

The thought leaders, experts and speakers at this event will provide valuable insights into how an organisation approaches and manages a complex and transformative project like digital transformation. Including the key question of how to remain focused on balancing cost and value. Find out how drive digital innovation across your organisation, how to adapt, engage, disrupt and survive.


>Transformation of IT capability
>Adopting next generation collaboration and productivity tools
>Delivery models
>Dilemmas and Challenges
>Digital leadership for disruptive times
>New markets and new challenges
>Creating a new spirit of innovation
>Implementing disruptive technologies in a traditional organisation
>Transforming business to create growth
>The human capital and disruptive technology

If you are interested in Digital Transformation, Make sure you catch Infuse Consulting Architect Ian Molyneaux at 12:30 talking about maintaining application performance as part of Digital Transformation!

If you would like to know more about Infuse and what we do, you can learn about us here! Alternatively if you would like to talk to us about digital transformation, software testing and package applications, book your free consultation now.

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