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What is it?

  • The rise of always-connected touch devices and communities is driving technology to present simple, fast user interfaces and devices that seamlessly communicate with one another. Users are then expecting their learned behaviours of interaction with their devices to be applicable across all. This applies to medical, military, wearables, smartcards, automotive, heating controllers, in-store retail systems and internet of things.
  • Tocabot is a revolutionary mobile app testing tool that allows you to automate tests and interactions with touchable devices.
  • Toca is an easy, fast and accurate platform for testing any touchable device, enabling you to deliver a successful product where a quality experience is key.
  • Product from our partner, Tocalabs Ltd.
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How does it work?

  • Using the latest computer vision technology, Tocabot is able to identify steps and validate tests in a human-like way, but with the benefit of repeatability through automation.
  • Tocabot leverages the power of Cloud to provide an integrated development and reporting environment and combines this with a robust and compact desktop-based robotic platform for quick and easy access to your device under test.
  • Tocabot is a desktop robotic platform with advanced computer vision.
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Which issues does it address?

  • Testing of any touch technology platform, simply and cost effectively.
  • Testing of smartcard systems such as ApplePay, NFC or travel cards.
  • Non-intrusive testing of any device. No specific setup required on the device under test.
  • Testing where multiple platforms are used in a single test scenario e.g. wearable to mobile phone.
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How does it help?

  • Faster – High levels of automation reduce test time.
  • Minimum setup – minimum configuration needed on the device under test. Tocabot’s IDE is web-based and needs no local permissions of install of software.
  • Test your devices as your user would.
  • Tocabot  is non-intrusive to the device under test and requires minimum setup.
  • Tocabot is faster to script tests compared to traditional automation approaches.
  • Tocabot can automate tests on devices that run on any architecture.
mobile app testing tool

Desktop Robotic Solution

A cloud – connected fast robotic solution that is suitable for an office desktop or lab.

Computer vision enabled solution will interact with any touchable device and is non-intrusive to the device under test.

The robot features at the head a touch stylus to interact with the test device. This will eventually be capable of multi-touch. The stylus will interact with touchscreens, keyboards, sliders and knobs.

The hardware has a local controller and on-board embedded computer that manages the connection to the cloud.



Powerful web-based UI design that allows the users to get to grips quickly and start automating tests.



A cloud hosted user interface that utilises local resources so there is no latency affect from the cloud. Cloud compute power means the computer vision is fast.



Tocabot removes the problem with existing automation solutions that can’t interact with a wide range of devices, and typically require a significant effort to setup.



Computer vision built in. Tocabot can recognise devices, objects on screen at high-speed. Leveraging on the computer vision libraries used in self-driving cars.