The need for modern software testing

Deliver software faster with fewer defects


Faults can be very costly

Faults account for 30‒50% percent of total software project costs.While most faults are introduced before coding (~70%), most faults are discovered at system integration or later (~80%).


Source: Software Engineering Institute Carnegie Mellon University

Software proliferation at an ever faster pace demands excellence in  quality assurance

A changing world for software applications means a changing world for QA organizations
and testing teams:


100 Billion connected devices in 2020


30x increase in the number of apps

Lean and Agile

54% of organizations using agile

App proliferation

1 trillion applications by 2020

User experience

3 seconds before a user abandons an app


37% of organisation that host apps externally

App Security

84% of breaches at the app layer


50% will delete app if encountering a bug


17% of IT projects go so bad that they can threaten the very existence of an organisation

Sources: Hewlett Packard Enterprise and McKinsey & Company