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Mobile Application Testing Services

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What is it?

  • Infuse Mobile Application Testing is an integrated set of methodologies and solutions that enables the power and benefits of automated testing to be leveraged within the mobile applications sector.
  • Our solution combines the very latest tools and methods to increase the quality of your end solution.
  • Testing of mobile devices, such as tablets, hand held devices and mobile phones.
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How does it work?

  • We combine traditional testing techniques with the latest testing tools to provide a robust and quicker route to enabling high quality mobile applications
  • We employ three distinct approaches to testing:
    • Cloud – Testing can be provided via integration with Cloud applications such as; Perfecto, BrowserStack and Saucelabs
    • Enterprise – For customers with an existing HP test application landscape, Infuse utilises HPE Mobile Center combined with UFT
    • Hybrid – Using Amazon Web Services (AWS), a local browser, and a mobile farm, we enable device testing to quickly model real-world loads and scenarios to thoroughly test the entire end-to-end solution
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Which issues does it address?

  • User Experience (UX)  – Increased competition and expectations of usability for mobile applications from your customers requires an integrated development and testing process underpinned by rigorous automated testing
  • Setup – Both the setup and the tool integration for mobile testing can be complex and problematic
  • Relevancy  –  Ensuring your tests are representative; understanding which devices/technologies and user scenarios to test
  • Cost – Testing across hundreds of device variants is daunting and requires the smart use of the right tools
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How does it help?

  • Faster – Mobile test automation and increased test coverage speeds delivery.
  • Smarter – Increased test coverage for the increasingly important mobile use cases.
  • User Experience – Usability on mobile devices is optimised to increase customer satisfaction.
  • Reusable – Components from mobile test cases are made reusable so that they can be run on virtual or physical devices interchangeably.
  • Realistic – Replicate how your user interacts with your product by modelling specific use cases and gesture-based scenarios on multiple real devices.