Intelligent Upgrade Robot

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What is it?

  • Intelligent upgrade robot is an Oracle database upgrade service that enables faster upgrades, at a fixed price, pay/upgrade structure.
  • Upgrade Robot helps organisations realise the benefits of consolidation, standardisation, and maintainability that result from having an up-to-date Oracle database estate.
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How does it work?

  • Our Oracle database upgrade service, Intelligent Upgrade Robot, automates the certified Oracle upgrade paths.
  • Leverages Oracle and useMango™ automated testing products to assure the quality of the upgraded databases.
  • Operates on a Pay/Upgrade structure: unsuccessful upgrades are rolled back and put through the upgrade again.
  • Concurrent upgrades can be carried out on databases at the same time.
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Which issues does it address?

  • Timeliness– Spend too much time to upgrade database versions
  • Inefficiency – Have critical systems with underlying databases that are out of support.
  • Ineffectiveness – Failed upgrades result in system down-time, loss of revenue, and reputation implications with clients who are reliant of system operations.
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How does it help?

  • Faster – High levels of automation reduce time to upgrade
  • Smarter – Ensure that critical systems with underlying databases are supported. Automate the database upgrade processes so that your resources are freed up to carry out other, higher value-added activities.
  • Better – Reduce the cost of upgrade by avoiding expensive rework. Release iteratively to speed delivery.
  • For more information, download the datasheet

Intelligent Upgrade Robot – Use Cases


Consolidation and Migration

Use Intelligent Upgrade Robot to move databases from one server to another.

  • Databases can be moved from one to another, from on-premise to cloud, or across platforms


Databases can be upgraded as they are migrated.

  • Upgrade paths are profiled for re-use so that many databases can be upgraded using the same set of instructions.


Any common database administration task can be automated, profiled and rolled out across a large database estate.

  • Reduce commodity DBA tasks by using Intelligent Upgrade Robot.