Managed Testing Services

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What is it?

  • Our Managed Testing Services is an outsourcing solution for testing-related tasks across one or more projects and delivering one or more applications
  • Spanning the entire development and operation lifecycle of software applications and systems
  • Combines our expert software testers with the right process and tools for the job
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How does it work?

  • Defined in line with your business needs, an Infuse Managed Testing Service (MTS) delivers high-quality testing services in addition to driving improvements in your testing and overall software delivery lifecycle.
  • An Infuse MTS is typically measured quarterly against a set of agreed Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and Service Level Agreements (SLA).
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Which issues does it address?

  • Inefficiency – Management faces too much risk for quality assurance. Staff are not making the best use of time.
  • Ineffectiveness – High CAPEX costs are limiting test management options. Management lack the ability to use the right resource from the right location at the right time.
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How does it help?

  • Faster – Management and risk delegated to the service provider, freeing up your employees time for other considerations.
  • Smarter – Take full advantage of low CAPEX models such as IAAS, PAAS and SAAS.
  • Better – Gain significant savings and quality improvements through improved division of labour and greater access to subject matter experts. Draw on the economies of locating these support services in the most economic location.

The Path to Managed Testing Service

A Simple Process

A structured approach for rapid adoption

  • Step 1 20%

High level solution definition questionnaire

  • Step 2 40%

Business case: Cost-benefit analysis / ROI

  • Step 3 60%

Agree on a target model

  • Step 4 80%

Service Transition

  • Step 5 100%

Governance, Monitoring and Measurement

  • The last step 100%

Continuous Improvement