Scriptless Test Automation for Packaged & Web Applications

Test automation shortens feedback loops and speeds up delivery, but can be complex to achieve. It takes technical expertise that’s hard to find and can easily become a maintenance headache.

Automation, done right, saves you money.

If you have 500 test cases that take your team two weeks to run manually, useMango™ will help automate them so you can run them on demand. useMango™ makes automated testing simpler, easier and faster.

Forget about scripting, spying and stack-overflowing!

useMango™ ships ready to automate web applications (with Selenium), Oracle EBS and SAP GUI, so that your first tests can be running in minutes.

To store tests, useMango™ integrates fully with HP Quality Center, which also serves as a great platform to manage, execute and report on tests.

Download a free trial now to see it for yourself.

Key Business Benefits

Increase efficiency of the software development process

  • Reduce time to market
  • Reduce cost of testing by 40%
  • Reduce test execution cycles by at least 80%
  • Support more frequent release cycles

Increase effectiveness of the software development process

  • Find defects earlier in the software lifecycle
  • Allow the business to add more functionality sooner
  • Test more often with the same or less effort