Infuse CEO & Founder Nalin Parbhu, met with Enterprise Management 360 to discuss the trends he is seeing in test automation to date, and explain how Infuse Consulting is currently helping customers enable themselves in modern software delivery.

Experts in the test automation area, Infuse has been enabling companies to deliver automation earlier in the life-cycle and get a quicker time to market for over 15 years.

Infuse’s product latest solution useMango allows testers to become ‘hyper productive’, delivering higher quality at a lower cost. Adding to this the script-less nature of the solution allows useMango to be utilised by more business strategic individuals as opposed to the traditional techie.

Infuse is the company for anyone looking to implement test automation and disrupt their organisations internally and move towards modern methodologies of Agile & DevOps.

Recognised by CIO Magazine in 2015 as one of the most promising HP and Oracle solution providers, and awarded by the UK Oracle User Group with the Bronze Partner of the Year Award for 2015-16, Infuse is a trusted provider of software testing solutions, successfully delivering over 200 software test projects since 2002.

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