Moodle Software Testing

At Infuse Consulting, we offer a comprehensive range of test services to support your Moodle change initiatives.

Moodle Software Testing

Moodle is a critical virtual Learning Management System (LMS) for almost half of UK Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). ​

It has a structured release cycle that requires frequent updates to receive the latest functionality and to maintain support, with the recent 4.0 release introducing a major overhaul in user experience and significant improvements to the platform.​

Moodle also has high peak loads at certain points through the student lifecycle, such as enrolment, exams and coursework submission, together with various custom integrations – all contributing to a complex system landscape.

Whether you are implementing Moodle, migrating to the Cloud, or maintaining it within production, the quality of your test activity is a critical success factor in delivering on time and to budget.

How can Infuse help you with Moodle Tesing?


We will validate your Moodle performance requirements by adopting a Quality Management approach. ​

We will test, tune, model, monitor and capacity plan to optimise the performance of your Moodle instance.


Our Moodle regression test automation service is based on 20+ years of experience and is supported by benefits and RoI analysis to ensure time and cost savings.​

useMango™ is our test automation tool that enables users to automate Moodle processes in a fast and simple manner.


We will validate the security of your Moodle system and infrastructure through several complementary services:  
1: Threat modelling and security architecture reviews.​ 
2: Embedding DevSecOps practices & tools into the SDLC..
3: Penetration testing and vulnerability assessments.


Experienced test management team to establish test strategy, approach, governance and reporting mechanisms.​

Management of all aspects of the Moodle test lifecycle using proven industry standard approaches and templates.


Our service ranges from verification of API services to managing & delivering a full SIT test phase.​

We will manage build dependencies through creation of mocks and virtual services, and utilise test automation where appropriate for time and cost savings.


We can manage your UAT including effective business engagement and / or provide resource to support users for test prep, execution, data set-up & defect management.​

We can also supply a specialist student UAT team comprised of our university apprentice test engineers!​


An end-to-end test service taking responsibility for transforming your testing to improve time, cost and quality.​

Our outcome-based service is framed by Service-Level Agreements and measured by jointly agreed KPIs.


An independent assessment of test capability from simple health checks to TMMi-based maturity assessments. ​

The scope can be specific to Moodle or across the entire test function and will result in more structured and effective testing and ultimately a higher quality system.


We will streamline your current environment processes, using automation to reduce toil for repetitive tasks. ​

We will also implement required process and tools while either working with your own team for day-to-day tasks or delivering within a managed service framework.
In this case study you will learn how Queen Mary University of London successfully coped with unprecedented traffic levels on their telephony systems caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

With the help of Infuse Queen Mary University of London were able to test SIP calls for massive traffic surges during the clearing period, all while maintaining a decentralised call centre.

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