Testing in a digital context requires a significant change from traditional testing approaches.

In this new context, organisations want systems that are responsive to change, often comprised of multiple products from different vendors to address specific issues. This is further complicated by the organisation not knowing exactly what it wants until it can be seen. Consequently, testing services that can respond quickly and accurately to these demands are increasingly needed.

This session will look at how to tie in technical testing activities, such as: test automation, performance testing and service virtualization, within Agile structured test management frameworks, that can respond with the flexibility that businesses require, whilst assuring the desired quality. Real-world examples will be interwoven into the presentation so that attendees will take away the lessons that we’ve learned from our recent testing in a digital context work.

In this Q&A style presentation, you will learn:

  • What is Digital Transformation?
  • What are the test-specific challenges in digital?
  • How do you structure testing for digital?
  • Which development methodologies work?
  • Why is test automation valuable?
  • What about non-functional requirements?
  • What about test environments and data?

Our Presenters:

Stevan Zivanovic is the Service Delivery Director and useMangoTM Product Owner for Infuse.

James Milne is the Technical Test Manager for Infuse.

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