April 01, 2021

Infuse brought on board to help international service provider enable DevOps and Increase productivity in multi-faceted testing application

In 2021 Infuse was asked to consult on a nationwide multi-faceted testing system. The challenge here was this project spanned multiple companies, objectives, and functions, all working under the same umbrella.

Each one of these service providers own a set of systems – with Infuse brought on to aid one of the world’s largest multi-national service providers with their quality assurance testing (QAT) across every single system. With the help of the Infuse consultants, both functional and non-functional end-to-end testing was implemented across every system in the umbrella, finding defects faster and increasing productivity of their software delivery lifecycles.

Infuse also supported the teams running the test & DevOps environments, providing, and managing the resources required to expand said environments. This included creating CI/CD pipelines that are required by the teams to run their tests. The consultants then took on the task on managing integrations between systems, consolidating testing into one area, and managing a centralised database for all teams to use.


  1. No More Manual Testing – With Infuses help implementing CI/CD pipelines, anytime changes are made automated regression testing means productivity of software deployments has increased drastically. Email notifications set up by the Infuse team mean defect notifications are now faster and less likely to be missed due to manual error.
  2. Centralised Infrastructure – one of the biggest issues working on project of this scale with so many different teams all working on specific elements which were originally siloed is lack of centralised resources. Infuse spotted this issue early on and utilised the platform Tereform, meaning all changes take place in a single location, making them and resources much easier to locate, a small step that again drastically increases productivity
  3. Managed Services – Previously teams had to manage their own infrastructure/resources and would need to configure these manually themselves. With Infuse’s staff augmentation this onus of work has shifted from the service providers to Infuse, allowing them to free up time to focus on finishing their projects admin free!

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