Is your Development Team bogged down by issues that are sapping their time and resources? Our highly experienced Professional Consulting Team have the right solutions to get you back to the top of your game and keep you there.

1. Process Improvement and Transformation

The Test Process Improvement Service our Consulting Team utilises incorporates the Test Maturity Model integrated (TMMi) in order to assess the capabilities of your software quality processes and identify what to improve, in which order, and why, to improve your return on investment (ROI).

How can Process Improvement and Transformation work for you?

Our Transformation Service undertakes both informal and formal TMMi baselining activities using a series of standardised checklists and questionnaires against industry recognised test process improvement, maturity models.
Our accredited Consulting Team will instantly make a positive impact with the creation of a flexible TMMi-based assessment of your current in-house testing-related quality processes.
Infuse can provide a pragmatic, achievable process improvement roadmap to support your quality goals and initial ROI groundwork, leading to clear quantifiable benefits.

2. Agile / DevOps Transformation

Our Agile Transformation Services enable your business to build a roadmap for transforming your software delivery function into modern, agile delivery teams.

Agile Transformation consists of a group of professional change agents specialising in process improvement and organisational transformation. Our consulting Team are experts in Agile, Lean and Organisational Transformation methods applied to technology and business.

How can Agile / DevOps Transformation work for you?

Our Consulting Team transform organisational processes and people by utilising a combination of Agile, Lean and Portfolio Management. We use a variety of proprietary and open source tools as technology enablers.
We build a custom transformation roadmap that fits your business and helps it to achieve measurable goals. Our services are customisable for any level of maturity, from a single, high-performing team to an enterprise-wide transformation.

3. Automation Roadmap and Assessments

We provide the tools and expertise necessary to align with modern Agile delivery models. We also provide full training and up-skilling of testers, establishing governance and process frameworks to increase the productivity of your software delivery, without compromising on quality.

How can Automation Roadmap and Assessments work for you?

Our Consulting Team embeds Test Automation into the delivery model for projects, enabling project reporting based on full pyramid coverage - to strengthen team collaboration and communication levels.

4. Performance Engineering Assessments

Performance Engineering is an iterative set of activities to be used throughout all phases of the Service or Software Delivery Life Cycle that will help verify and validate your performance requirements. Our Consulting Team adopts a pragmatic and “Total Quality Management” approach in terms of testing, tuning, modelling, monitoring and capacity planning for optimum performance.

How does a Performance Engineering Assessment work for you?

Our Consulting Team has a simple 5-step iterative process to suit any delivery method
During the Discovery Stage, our team of  specialists work to identify your issues.
In the Design Stage, our team of engineers plan the best solution to fix your issues.
We build the entire test approach in line with your unique business needs.
We run our process against your systems and help you detect any functional issues.
You go live with confidence, safe in the knowledge that your solution has been delivered using a battle tested process.

5. Architecture Review and Transformation

Architecture Review and Transformation is incredibly important to ensure positive business outcomes. With good IT architecture you can more easily implement modern delivery applications, remove barriers to digital transformation and incur a far lower cost of ownership over your IT estate. 

Architecture Review and Transformation can help you:

- Review your existing architecture and system integration strategy
- Develop a set of architectural recommendations 
- Build an architectural and technological road-map 
- Develop an outline tender document to find the right partner for you

6. Platform Modernisation

Platform modernisation helps organisations reduce their infrastructure costs and achieve greater capabilities, flexibility, and collaboration amongst their teams. This solution can then better position them to curate and process disparate data streams, to deliver real-time analytical insights.

How does Platform Modernisation work for you

Organisations can identify where analytics can help them innovate key services, align stakeholders with the vision of an insights-driven enterprise, and define the benefits they can achieve by leveraging both current and desired analytics, strengths and capabilities.
Organisations can develop a reference architecture to support complex network and data flow and determine whether on-premise or the cloud, or a combination, best suits the organisation’s strategic goals for core platform and common data services.
Organisations can develop a well-defined governance structure for managing and curating their growing volumes of data, implement security measures to protect against cyberthreats, and define processes to continually maintain data quality going forward.
Organisations can identify the right mix of resources, such as individuals with technical, analytics, communication, and business acumen; encourage a culture of continual innovation to attract top talent; and incentivise these employees to develop and support the enterprise analytics journey.
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