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Elevate Your Test Automation In 2024

Discover how your 2024 testing strategy can maximise the value of your automation efforts, while demonstrating a strong ROI to key decision-makers. The panel will answer key questions to help you grow your automated testing in 2024, delivering better software faster than ever.

Why NPEM is critical to Digital Transformation success

Join Jessica Roberts, Head of Test and Transition at King’s College London (KCL), as she offers valuable insights into KCL's journey toward effective non-production environment management (NPEM) and discover actionable best practices for your own institution.

Sustainable Test Automation Strategies To Maximise ROI

This webinar explores approaches to sustainable test automation that grows more efficient sprint-over-sprint, while targeting testing to de-risk the latest system changes. Nalin Parbhu, CEO of Infuse, and Curiosity’s George Blundell draw on automation project experience from a range of different organisations.

Storming and Performing: Cloud Adoption & Covid 19

Join Infuse, University of Exeter, King’s College London and Queen Mary University of London, as we take you through how all three successfully accelerated their digital transformation projects for their Virtual Learning Environments to cope with the changing IT landscape brought about by COVID 19.

Delivering Business Benefits through Test Automation

This session is for managers and technical people, although the focus will be on strategy, business benefits (reducing time/costs/increased productivity) and improving the quality of software delivery

Origami & Architecture: An Anglia Ruskin Case Study

This webinar will present how Anglia Ruskin are transforming their system integration architecture to solve legacy point to point integration challenges, adopt modern cloud services and drive efficiencies across the IT estate to enable them to meet their strategic objectives.
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