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At Infuse Consulting, we work with Higher Education Institutions to get the most out of their digital and business systems.

H.E Solutions & Services

Our solutions and services are used across network and telephony, business systems, virtual learning environments, teaching & learning technologies, eLearning, communication & collaboration suites, portals, service desks and statutory and legislative requirements to name a few areas, and our services cover the peaks and troughs across the whole academic year.

We are trusted IT partners with many leading HEI’s such as King’s College London, QMUL, LSBU, University of Exeter, University of Aberdeen and many others.

We are early adopters of innovation and industry leaders – Since 2002 – we have helped higher HEI’s with a wide range of solutions including agile delivery, software testing and quality engineering, system integration and architecture, platform modernisation, test data management, test environment management and DevOps.

How can Infuse help you?


The quality of a universities digital systems can be the key difference between satisfaction and dissatisfaction. Infuse provides innovative, right-sized cost effective solutions that will sustain quality and continually enable HEI’s to improve student outcomes and satisfaction. Our services encompass Test Management and Test Teams, Performance Testing and Engineering, and Continuous Testing.


Clearing is an intense business period where huge loads are placed on the telephony network, internal infrastructure and social media platforms for UK Universities. It is imperative that call handling, communication as well as messaging between call handler and the student is flawless thus ensuring the business opportunity in Clearing is realised for maximum benefit for all parties.


One of the common mistakes we have seen in Cloud Migration is institutions lifting and shifting to Cloud using large virtual machine instances. This approach misses the many benefits of running on cloud such as elastic scale on demand and Infrastructure as Code (IaC) which can deliver better performance whilst at the same time reducing costs and operational overhead.


The majority of third level institutions, in our experience, have developed an ‘accidental’ point to point hub and spoke integration architecture centred on their SIS system. This can be a real blocker to cloud migration and strategic modernisation initiatives. A properly designed integration strategy using technologies such as event streaming or enterprise service bus can move your organisation forwards and unlock opportunities to improve the student experience.

Higher Education Case Studies

We have successfully deployed test services on over 33 HEI clients, so we understand HEI business drivers and ways of working.

Please click below to see a few examples of our work in the higher education sector.

Who We Work With

King's College London

Queen Mary University of London

London South Bank University

Angela Ruskin University

De Montfort University Leicester

Edinburgh Napier University

University Of Bristol

University of Exeter

University Of Aberdeen

University Of Bradford

University Of East Anglia

University Of Warwick

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