The Infuse Capability Model 

Are you lacking a reliable method of governance to improve oversight and identify key risks and issues? Or are you experiencing a skills gap in your team? If so, read on to find out how the Infuse Capability Model can help you.

What is the Infuse Capability Model ?

Is a lack of maturity in your Software Delivery Life-cycle creating a bottleneck in software delivery and you don’t know where to start the improvement process? Are complex legacy IT practices in need of modernising to increase team velocity and improve quality? If any of these issues sound familiar, then the Infuse Capability Model (ICM) is perfect for you. The ICM allows organisations to have complete transparency over their software development, compare key area's against industry standards, and build a scaleable and sustainable road to process improvement and software delivery.
The Infuse Capability Model is a DevOps and Agile maturity framework for assessing a software development teams ability to deliver software
It focuses on the ‘health’ and maturity of project teams within an organisation
Put simply, the higher the maturity, the higher the speed and most importantly, the quality of software delivery
The end goal of the ICM is simple, to help you deliver software better faster and smarter
Strategic retrospectives are utilised to assess a team’s performance, benchmark them against industry standards and offer insight and guidance on how teams can improve three key areas of software delivery: Quality, Culture & Delivery

How Does the Infuse Capability Model Work?

The ICM will access an organisation’s capability, agility and approach to delivery, focusing on the three aspects of a software delivery team:

1. Assessment

An in-depth questionnaire will place your delivery maturity against the industry standards (ranked 1 to 5, with Stage 3 being the initial aim labelled ‘defined’).

3. Implement Growth Plan

As simple as it sounds, with the help of Infuse our experts will implement your process improvement plan, decide which tools are right for you and make sure you stay on track.

2. Gap Analysis and Road Mapping

The next stage is to see how far from the ‘defined’ stage of maturity your organisation sits and then assess what the short, medium, and long terms goals should be for you to reach the desired maturity.


Test, test and test again. As with any form of software delivery it is not as simple as doing it once and then moving on. We ensure your organisation stays on the right track with the constant analysis and feedback to adjust to unforeseen circumstances. We implement quarterly retrospectives to see how your organisation is doing. If need be, we will repeat stages 1 to 3 to move them up the maturity ladder.

Want to try the Infuse Capability Model?

If you want to test and see how the ICM can help you, try our lite version free today! All you have to do is click the button below and answer a very simple 10 question survey. Once you are done, an infuse consultant will reach out to you to discuss the results of the survey and how we can help you with you improve your software delivery!
Additional Information

The Infuse Capability Model

Infuse Capability Model Webinar

Learn how to successfully baseline your IT delivery process, building a scale-able and sustainable road-map towards DevOps and Agile!
Take your ICM lite survey now!

Find out where you lay on the ICM maturity model and start your journey towards DevOps with our simple 10 question survey now!
ICM Infographic

Still unsure if the ICM is for you? Download our helpful infographic to give you all the information you need in one simple document!

What are the benefits of the ICM?

There are numerous benefits that using the Infuse Capability Model provide, including but not limited to:
ROI in under 2 years
Reduced total cost of ownership of systems by staying on the latest patches/updates
IT Department Enables for DevOps/Agile
A 3x increase in productivity/ output of software delivery
Cost savings of over 50% on testing labour
Reduction in service management issues by up to 80%
A better experience for your customers/organisation

Our Clients

Below are some of our clients across both the public and private Sectors.


The ICM has helped numerous companies over the last 20+ years, here are what some had to say about it:


“As Performance Authority of what is claimed to be the largest Human Resources project in Europe, and starting with a very low skill set base, I needed to jump-start the enormous task of setting up the team. Infuse provided comprehensive training and supporting expertise in the interpretation of detailed statistics. Using their extensive experience they also provided high-quality consultancy and hand holding during our project"


“Thank you also for all your hard work on the SITS Upgrade 2020 project. You did really well to get up to speed on SITS so quickly as it is not an intuitive system to use. Your daily reports on the progress of the testing were very helpful and gave just the right amount of information. Thank you for completing the system and regression testing within the deadline set at the start of the project.”
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