Test Data Management

Do you need to generate on-demand data to enable testing teams to meet the agile needs of your organisation? Then test data management may be the one for you!
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What is Test Data Management?

Software is always evolving and as such need constant and rigorous testing to make sure it copes with the changing IT landscape. For this testing to take place you need data, and that can present a difficulty. Infuse use tools that uniquely combine elements of data sub-setting, masking and synthetic, on-demand data generation to enable testing teams to meet the agile needs of their organisation.

What issues does it address?


Critical delays in provisioning test data are lengthening test cycles and pushing defect detection later in the software lifecycle.

Data Risk

Sensitive data across the enterprise is hard to find and identify for data protection compliance requirements.

Test Optimisation

Enhance existing data or build small, richer sets of production-like test data from scratch, based on your data model – without the sensitive content.

How does Test Data Management work?

Getting your test data management set up to work efficiently and effectively can be achieved in six simple steps!

1. Discover your baseline

Analyse your current test data management.

2. Design, Build and Pilot

Define which actions and toolsets are needed to improve TDM within organization.

3. Build

Choose the right tools for your TDM needs.

4. Pilot

Offer a pilot or proof of value to show the selected tools can deliver the TDM required within the client organisation, and that the proposed process can deliver the expected benefits.

5. Deploy

Provide a full TDM rollout.

6. Realise

Support and train clients all the way through the process and even after the rollout.

Blog: Enabling DevOps and increase productivity in multi-faceted testing application

In 2021 Infuse was asked to consult on a nationwide multi-faceted testing system. The challenge here was this project spanned multiple companies, objectives, and functions, all working under the same umbrella.

Each one of these service providers own a set of systems – with Infuse brought on to aid one of the world’s largest multi-national service providers with their quality assurance testing (QAT) across every single system. With the help of the Infuse consultants, both functional and non-functional end-to-end testing was implemented across every system in the umbrella, finding defects faster and increasing productivity of their software delivery lifecycles.

What are the benefits of Test Data Management?


Quickly identify gaps in your test coverage. Infuse can help you reduce the time spent searching for manual test data by upwards of 95%.


Provision realistic data with all the characteristics of production except for sensitive content that is undesired in testing.


Build high quality, richer sets of tests data – maximum coverage with minimum data.

Want to learn more about Test Data Management? 

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