Are you faced with delays in your deployments because your IT operations are not able to keep pace with the speed of your Agile delivery? Or is the lack of consistency in the release process leading to more and more failed deployments?
DevOps Services by Infuse Consulting

So what is the solution?

See how Infuse can help you along your Journey to DevOps.
DevOps is a set of practices that combines software development and IT operations. The purpose of DevOps is to reliably shorten the software delivery life-cycle, thereby providing high quality software with continuous delivery.
This differs from ‘Agile’ which is an iterative approach to working, whose focus is based on small rapid releases over large go live deployments (waterfall), focusing on collaboration and customer feedback.
Most people apply Agile Methodologies to DevOps due to both having an emphasis on collaboration. DevOps does not have any one commonly accepted framework - it is primarily focused on operational success and business readiness.
Infuse are leaders in the deployment of end-to-end Agile Software Engineering Lifecycles, which include both DevOps and Continuous Integration (CI). The aim of this operating model is to imbed quality and testing as part of your project/delivery.
DevOps Benefits by Infuse

How can DevOps benefit you?

DevOps can help you find issues quicker with improved monitoring solutions based around service testing. Typically, this could remove delays in deployment based around IT operations being unable to keep pace with the speed of Agile delivery.

It will ensure your environment is deployed in the same way every time. Automated checks as part of the configuration process of DevOps removes human error and ensures a consistent environment.

DevOps can scale quickly by merely changing the code of your environment build. This constancy in your release process will ensure that your deployments improve and are less prone to failure.
  • "As Performance Authority of what is claimed to be the largest Human Resources project in Europe, and starting with a very low skill set base, I needed to jump-start the enormous task of setting up the team. Infuse provided comprehensive training and supporting expertise in the interpretation of detailed statistics. Using their extensive experience, they also provided high-quality consultancy and hand-holding in our project."
    DXC Technology
    Performance Authority
    Government Defence Organisation
  • We make sure agile is instilled in the culture, our leadership, and the way we operate. The real power of agile is in the ability of the company to respond fast and effectively.
    Co-Founder & CEO at Livspace

Where does Infuse fit in?

Though most people working in IT have heard the terms DevOps and Agile, few can  successfully manage their implementation.
CA and DevOps by Infuse Consulting
Infuse will provide you with the necessary tools and services, to ensure your company is able to transition to DevOps successfully.

Notably, amongst other practices this is achieved through the use of quarterly reviews to ensure successful progression.
We accomplish this by providing you with continuous integration, testing, operations and assessment services  along with the design, implementation and integration services needed for successful continuous delivery and deployment.

This is done through on-boarding, on-going support and coaching to maintain your environments and working practices, and on-going refinement of your KPIs.
To discover how Infuse can help you on your journey to DevOps, click here to book a call with our team.
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