Test Environment Management

Our Test Environment Management services create a consistent support model for all environments by building professionalised services and a unified toolset to improve stability, reduce change related incidents, increase automation, and provide increased developer efficiency. 

What is Test Environment Management?

Test Environment Management (TEM) is a series of procedures designed to enhance the pace of software releases within organisations through collaboration among team members. This involves capturing environment requirements, instituting a straightforward and transparent utilisation of resources, fostering efficient cooperation via resource planning and scheduling, and maintaining control over their lifecycles.

This crucial practice facilitates the optimisation of the software delivery process by furnishing delivery teams with validated, stable, and readily available test environments at the necessary times. These environments are instrumental for executing test scenarios and replicating incidents with precision.

The 7 Pillars Of Test Environment Management


The building blocks of knowing what you have, how its configured and who wants to use it. ​This includes:
- Policy, Strategy and Standards​
​- Environment Modelling​
​- Environment (& infrastructure) ​
​- Demand Management


Highlights that the ​environments are up and running​.​ This includes:
- Health Checks ​​
​​- Monitoring ​


Day to Day activities to ensure ​
environment ​availability.​ This includes:
- ​Environment ​Maintenance​
​- Deployment ​Management​
​- Configuration ​Management ​ 

Service Support

Resolve all environment ​related issues and ​requests.​ This includes:
- Issue ​Management​
​- Service Requests​ Management

Data Operations

Provides consistent and ​accurate data.​ This includes:
- Data Modelling​
​- Data Masking​
- Synthetic Data Creation

Enabling Technology

Facilitate and support innovation.​ This includes:
- Resilience Automation​
- Deployment Automation & DevOps​
- Service Virtualisation​
- Infrastructure as Code ​
- Test Data Tooling​
- Test Environment Tooling


Provides oversights to ensure all target ​measures are ​achieved. ​This includes:
- SLA Target Measures​
​- Detailed KPI’s and metrics​
​- Management ​
- Oversights ​

Webinar: Origami & Architecture, An Anglia Ruskin Case Study 

In this webinar fourTheorem CEO Peter Elger presents how Anglia Ruskin are transforming their system integration architecture to solve legacy point to point integration challenges, adopt modern cloud services and drive efficiencies across the IT estate to enable them meet their strategic objectives.

How does Architecture Review work?

With Architecture review, you are able to:
Review your existing architecture and system integration strategy's
Develop an outline tender document to find the right partner for you
Develop a set of architectural recommendations for digital transformation 
Provide you with the outline you need to move you IT estate from an obsolete on-premise instance to the cloud
Build an architectural and technological roadmap that allows for modern software processes as AI enablement 

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Paul Gallagher

Assistant Director
"Infuse were instrumental in the digital transformation of our system integration architecture, helping us to solve legacy point to point integration challenges, adopt modern cloud services and drive efficiencies across our IT estate"

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