Quality Engineering

Are you finding it difficult to get your teams working together or implementing QE practices in your organisation?

Infuse Quality Engineering Services can be the perfect solution for you, enabling your teams to jumpstart their QE practices and transform quickly into a more robust form of collaboration.

What is Quality Engineering?

Quality Engineering (QE) brings cross-functional teams together to deliver quality outcomes every time. It tackles challenges you might be facing with unquantifiable technical debt, lack of benchmarking, an increasingly large testing backlog and environment underutilisation.

How can QE benefit you?

1. Test Automation
We can help increase team velocity by reducing your testing backlog, with Test Automation. This covers as much testing ground as needed while performing continuous testing.

2. Performance Engineering
We help verify and validate your performance requirements by adopting a pragmatic and “total quality management” approach in terms of testing, tuning, modelling, monitoring and capacity planning for optimum performance of your systems. This is all done in accordance with your particular business needs.

3. Continuous Testing
Infuse can help you integrate Test Automation into any of your continuous processes whether on desktop, web or mobile. Our team tests early, often and regularly in order to ensure your Software Delivery pipeline is able to receive feedback on any software release candidate.

4. Facility Testing
We work to integrate more facilities into your systems development, covering developmental, operational and support aspects of your working programs.

5. Full Stack Development
We provide you with pioneering software testing, transformation consulting and environment management. This comes with a road map of enhancements and extensions to make your processes easily manageable.

6. Quality Engineering Coaching
After reviewing your QE practices, we coach the product team to transform quickly by focusing on end-user satisfaction as the prime outcome of the project at hand.

Terry Benge

COO - Kumoco
“I outsourced my testing to Infuse as they have a set of QE practices that fit into my clients and enable my teams to transform quickly.”

Bruce Smith

Head of Engineering - N Brown Group
"Infuse were brought in to review our QE practices across our product teams and made solid recommendations across Architecture, Quality Engineering and Test Environments that we are adopting long term.”

Alex Denley

Director of Innovation and Transformation - LSBU
"I bought Infuse to bring immediate expertise to jump start my QE practices on a 3-year programme”

How does QE work for you?

QE ensures everyone has ownership and accountability over delivery quality.

It clearly determines where help is really needed and identifies patterns, team consensus and divergence in product expectations.

QE stands up and tears down test environments quickly to keep up with the development team using the latest DevOps practices.

Quality Engineering finds issues quickly and transparently to ensure continuous high-quality delivery.

Speak to an expert!

Infuse has over 20+ years experience helping organisations create and optimise their software testing, ensuring their software works better, faster and smarter. If you want to learn more about how Infuse can help you, book in a call with us today!