Software testing

Test Delivery Services

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What is it?

  • Our Software Test Delivery services span Unit Testing, System Testing, System Integration Testing, User Acceptance Testing, Regression Testing and more.
  • Available as staff augmentation, managed service, or output-based service.
  • Infuse’s approach is to optimise the amount of automated testing and, when applicable, supply test tools as part of our services at no additional cost under license terms.
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How does it work?

A simple 5-step iterative process model to suit any delivery method:

  1.  Discover – Infuse specialists identify your issues.
  2.  Design – Our engineers design the optimal solution.
  3.  Build – We build/adopt the functional test process in accordance to your delivery approach.
  4.  Deploy – We run our process against your systems and help you detect your functional issues.
  5.  Realise – You go-live with confidence.
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Which issues does it address?

  • Inefficiency – The current process is heavy in terms of human labour and takes too long. The development team is not providing what you expected and too many system faults are found late the development process.
  • Ineffectiveness – Software faults are not managed properly in your software. Detailed system requirements are not being met.
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How does it help?

  • Faster – ‘Shift left’. Test earlier and more often with test automation to detect more faults sooner.
  • Smarter – Improve the way you manage faults in your software. Increase the amount of reusable tests to save time.
  • Better – Meet your systems own detailed requirements. Optimise usability. Find faults earlier to lower development costs and protect corporate image through defect prevention.