Architecture Review

Are you using end of life outdated systems that are not longer fit for purpose? Do you want to digitally transform your IT estate but are unsure where to start? Are you looking to become cloud enabled, server-less or incorporate AI into your IT infrastructure?

What is Architecture Review?

Over the last 20 years IT has made massive leaps forward in terms of systems, infrastructure and governance, shifting from physical machines and personal data centres to modern server-less software applications. The issue here is that as technology has moved forward leaps and bounds over the last couple of decades, companies have often been left behind with archaic complicated systems that are no longer fit for purpose. This is where architecture review (AR) can help.

Architecture Review and Transformation is incredibly important to ensure positive business outcomes. With good IT architecture you can more easily implement modern delivery applications, remove barriers to digital transformation and incur a far lower cost of ownership over your IT estate.

What are the Benefits to Architecture Review?

Architecture Review holds several key benefits for your over IT estate and Infrastructure, namely:


By modernising your IT architecture and integrations you can rapidly accelerate the pace and delivery of your software deployments.

Cost Reduction

By removing costly on-premise servers and outdated physical machines and transitioning to a cloud-based server-less infrastructure, you can drastically reduce the cost of your overall IT estate.

Technology Enablement

By utilising architecture review to modernise your IT architecture, you can create a platform that can continue to adapt to innovations associated with a changing IT landscape.

Risk Mitigation

By reviewing your architecture and integrations you can successfully build a plan to digitally transform your IT estate, mitigating any risk of data loss or bad user experiences associated with end-of-life systems, poor interrogations and out dated work processes.

Webinar: Origami & Architecture, An Anglia Ruskin Case Study 

In this webinar fourTheorem CEO Peter Elgar presents how Anglia Ruskin are transforming their system integration architecture to solve legacy point to point integration challenges, adopt modern cloud services and drive efficiencies across the IT estate to enable them to meet their strategic objectives.

How does Architecture Review work?

With Architecture review, you are able to:
Review your existing architecture and system integration strategy's
Develop an outline tender document to find the right partner for you
Develop a set of architectural recommendations for digital transformation 
Provide you with the outline you need to move you IT estate from an obsolete on-premise instance to the cloud
Build an architectural and technological roadmap that allows for modern software processes as AI enablement 

Our Clients

Here are just a few of the latest fantastic clients Infuse have worked with:


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Paul Gallagher

Assistant Director
"Infuse were instrumental in the digital transformation of our system integration architecture, helping us to solve legacy point to point integration challenges, adopt modern cloud services and drive efficiencies across our IT estate"

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