Automation Roadmap and Assessment

Is your testing still manual? Want to start your test automation journey but do not know where to begin? Read on and find out how Infuse can help kickstart your journey.

What is an Automation Roadmap and Assessment?

Unlike some IT terminology this one is simple. Infuse’s expert consultants help your organisation build a customised roadmap from manual to automated testing, helping you to avoid all the common mistakes and issues that can be faced when ramping up your automation. Test Automation is a great way to increase productivity of your software delivery while maintaining quality of output and mitigating potential risk of human error

Article: 7 Key steps to automation

Infuse CTO Nalin Parbhu take you through 7 key considerations when starting your automation journey in this insightful article

What are the Benefits of an Automation Roadmap and Assessment?

An Automation Roadmap and assessment allows your organisation to gain all the business benefits associated with Test Automation. 

Increase Productivity

Test Automation can drastically decrease your test cycles, allowing you to deliver your software a greater speed, without compromising on quality.

Test Early, Test Often

With Test Automation you can test more often and earlier to reduce risk of your digital products not satisfying customer's requirements and improve 'Return on Investment' (ROI).

Remove Manual Errors

Humans are fallible and defects will occur. Infuse has the expertise in Test Automation to ensure your defects do not progress to the next stage in your software delivery process (Defect Injection - Defect Removal).

Want to know more about Automation Roadmap and Assessments?

If you are interested in Test Automation and are looking to learn more, or even potentially undertake an assessment for your organisation, click the link below and book in a free consultation with one of our experts today!
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