Continuous Testing 

Are you looking to reduce testing time for your software development with a less technical, more scalable and cheaper method than the alternatives? 

What is Continuous Testing?

Continuous Testing (CT) is the process of including automated tests as part for your software delivery life-cycle.


It allows for an accelerated lifecycle by introducing automation earlier in development, and highlights any business risks that could be associated with software delivery.


Continuous Testing utilises the ‘shift-left’ mentality of testing early and testing often, reducing testing bottle necks at the end of your software development life-cycle.


Automated tests reduce manual testing redundancies while also increasing productivity in your software delivery lifecycle.

How does  Continuous Testing work?

It works as simply as its name suggests. You test at every stage of the software delivery life-cycle. Traditional testing is normally tacked on at the end of any given delivery process, slowing the deployment down and increasing the potential business risks, while CT puts a stop to all of this.

Webinar: The Importance of Test Automation and Continuous Delivery

In this webinar Infuse CTO Nalin Parbhu will take you through why Test Automation and Continuous Delivery / Testing are essential components in modern software development and give you key take away's on how you can start you continuous testing journey today!

What are the benefits of Continuous Testing?

Risk Mitigation

The main goal of Continuous Testing is to assess the business risk a particular software development may have. Real time feedback of issues earlier in the development lifecycle allows for organisations to course correct at the point of failure, not the point of deployment. End-to-end testing means that user experience is evaluated at all stages of delivery to ensure high quality control.


Continuous Testing can be integrated into your software delivery life-cycle and works with both Agile Methodologies and DevOps. Utilising ‘shift left’ mentalities, tests take place throughout the delivery process, eliminating any bottlenecks that are created by accumulating testing at the end of the cycle. Reducing needless business risks creates a more streamlined delivery process, allowing you deliver faster without compromising on quality.
“Test automation & continuous testing will save 76 per cent on time and is expected to reduce costs by 40 per cent … Infuse takes away any problems and our clients can relax.”

Test Architect

Leading UK Stockbroker Firm

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