Platform Modernisation

Are your systems no longer fit for purpose? Are you using outdated protocols, software languages or libraries? If so, Platform Modernisation could be the right move for you!

What is Platform Modernisaiton

Platform modernisation has many different names (legacy modernisation, software modernisation etc) and is exactly what it sounds like:  modernising legacy systems / software and processes to meet the changing IT landscape.

How can Infuse help with your Platform Modernisation?


Organisations can identify where analytics can help them innovate key services, align stakeholders with the vision of an insights-driven enterprise and define the benefits they can achieve by leveraging both current and desired analytics, strengths and capabilities.


Organisations can develop reference architecture to support complex network and data flow, and determine whether on-premise or the cloud, or a combination, best suits the organisation’s strategic goals for core platform and common data services.


Organisations can develop a well-defined governance structure for managing and curating their growing volumes of data, implement security measures to protect against cyberthreats and define processes to continually maintain data quality going forward.


Organisations can identify the right mix of resources, such as individuals with technical, analytics, communication and business acumen; encourage a culture of continual innovation to attract top talent; and incentivise these employees to develop and support the enterprise analytics journey.

Blog: How Higher Education organisations are modernising their platforms to meet the changing IT Landscape

The COVID 19 pandemic brought a new set of challenges to nearly every sector around the world. Stay at home orders, lockdowns and remote working have fundamentally changed how companies go about their business and the Higher Education Industry is no exception. Read here about how some universities chose to innovate, using platform modernisaiton to meet the changing IT landscape before them.

Benefits of Platform Modernisation

Industry Standard

Ensure your company meets industry standards


Enable further innovation of your IT estate 


Remove blockages to productivity legacy systems cause


Remove risk of data losses from outdated systems and protocols 


Create a better experience for both your staff and customers

Want to know more?

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