useMango™ Test Factory

Are you unable to leverage the right people, processes, and technologies to efficiently and effectively ensure quality assurance of your enterprise solutions? If you lack automation to test faster and more intelligently - then our test automation tool and framework, useMango™, could be perfect for you.

What key changes affect your enterprise solutions?

Enterprise Solutions are business driven and delivers the most effective and efficient process for the organisation. Change events impact most Enterprise Solutions and can be based on three key factors.


Changes in processes or product.


Change in governance or risk mitigation.


New functionality or upgrades to existing software.

What is useMango™ Test Factory?

useMango™ Test Factory is a fixed price, outcome-based solution for functional testing, performance engineering and infrastructure testing.
The solution is delivered on an outcome-based model to allow you to focus on satisfying your customers.
It is a complete end-to-end integrated application life-cycle management solution
It is based on our proprietary test automation tool useMango™, which is also offered on a per-user per-year SaaS basis.

Talk to us about useMango™ Test Factory

If you are ready to have a proven, reliable, dependable partner come in to back you with these solutions, request a call back now to set up a meeting with our team.

How does useMango™ Test Factory work?

1. You Purchase an amount of testing output requirements
3. you make a request to the useMango™ Test Factory
2. You pay monthly/quarterly or annual fee for the said tools
4. Infuse deliver the testing output with the use of useMango™ and Micro Focus ALM tool sets
“I employed Infuse and useMango when at DXC Technology and it enabled me deliver a potentially un-testable solution for the MOD with no documentation,”



What are the benefits of useMango™ Test Factory?

Reduce Time to Market

Reduces overall software delivery costs

Increases software quality

Help of Industry leaders in achieving desired outputs

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