The solution:
useMango™, a functional test automation tool

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What is it?

  • useMango™ is a functional test automation tool and framework that can help test teams find software problems sooner and deliver faster
  • It is intended for those testing ERP applications such as SAP and Oracle or web applications
  • We have developed a testing tool that minimises the need for scripting. Powerful automation capability is provided through components that useMango™ creates for your applications
  • Tests are built as a sequence of components together with the data necessary to drive your system
  • Scan your application GUI to create new test components that work for you, even if your app has been customized
  • Run high-speed test execution with your choice of script language and engine, such as Selenium WebDriver, Micro Foucs UFT, etc.
  • Transform detailed execution log files into presentable, valuable reports for review and analysis
  • The creation and maintenance of test automation scripts in dramatically reduced, making your testing faster, smarter, and better
  • Unlike other test automation tools, useMango™ provides a quicker time to value at a very reasonable cost
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How does it work?

  • Install useMango™ (and connect it to your test management system, if desired)
  • Scan your application GUI with the useMango™ scanner to form custom components or use your custom scripts (e.g. Selenium)
  • Use one or more of the 200+ out-of-the-box components
  • Assemble the components into a test workflow in the useMango™ test designer and add data
  • Execute tests in useMango™ or in your test management tool (useMango integrates with ALM and others)
  • See auto generated reports on the automated tests in a natural language syntax to find points of failure to be fixed with ease.
  • If your application screen changes, re-scan and update your test data with useMango™, and the tool will update every test case using that screen
  • Re-run test
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Which issues does it address?

  • Timeliness – Test execution cycles take too long. Time to market is too slow.
  • Inefficiency – Unable to add functionality as fast as demanded. Test efficiency needs improvement.
  • Ineffectiveness – Cost of testing is too high, as costly faults are found late in the software lifecycle
  • If you have great testing knowledge on your team but you lack great technical knowledge, useMango™ is for you.
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How does it help?

  • Faster – Reduce test case maintenance by up to 70%. Build tests quicker. Execute More often.
  • Smarter – Increase quality by testing earlier. Add consistency to your approach. Increase output of manual and business testers.
  • Better – Reduce test execution by up to 80%. Testing costs reduced by up to 40%. Fast ROI.

Where you can use it


  • useMango™ can validate integration by running E2E functionality
  • Helping ensure your systems are talking to each other

Functional & Regression

  • Building Functional Tests in useMango™ will directly feed automated Regression
  • Decreasing manual repetition and increasing coverage

User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

  • Work with Business users to automate business process validation in useMango™
  • Automate the validation of business process sign off

Smoke Testing

  • Take automated subsets of tests to run in production as smoke tests
  • Feed a Continuous Integration and validate quickly in production
useMango test automation tool - where you can use it in the SDLC

See useMango in action


Test Automation Tool & Framework – Oracle Demo


Test Automation Tool & Framework – Web Demo

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