Check out the latest useMango Demos and how they can help you with your test automation journey!


useMango™ How to Series  1: Introduction 

Welcome to useMango™, Infuse's script-less, function test automation solution! In this video we detail out what exactly to expect in this exciting how to series where we take you through exactly how to best utilise useMango™ to ensure your test automation journey is a success!

useMango™ How to Series 2: What is useMango™

Welcome to useMango™, Infuse's script-less test automation solution! In this video you will get a clear overview of of the solution, how we structure test creation, the architecture and the benefits useMango™ has to offer!

useMango™ How to Series 3: UI Layout

In this video we take you through useMango's™ BRAND NEW user interface and layout, focusing on the key area's you need to start building your test automation journey!

useMango™ How to Series 4: How to Create a Test

In this video Infuse you will lean how easy it is to create a brand new test using useMango™! This video will focus on the simple set up for a web application test but useMango can also be used on package applications such as Oracle and SAP!

useMango™ How to Series 5: Chrome Extension

In this video you will learn how to use the useMango™ Chrome extension, easily identifying web elements needed for your tests!

useMango™ How to Series 6: Project Data

Learn how to use project data variables when building your tests with useMango™!

With useMango™ you can centralise your project data, allowing you to make alterations to test data in multiple tests at the same time!

useMango™ How to Series 7: Test Flow Branches

In this Segment, we take you through Test Flow Branches, a BRAND-NEW feature with useMango 5.3™!

This amazing new feature allows tests to flow on difference branches once a test is executed based on the result of a previous step.
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