Cookie Policy & Terms of use

Cookie Policy & Terms of use
What are cookies?
Cookies are small pieces of data (text) that a website sends to your computer’s web browser wile you are navigating through it. They have many different purposes, but mainly cookies enable you to navigate between pages easily, to remember your preferences, and eventually to improve the user experience. These cookies may be stored on your machine to identify your computer.
How do we use them?
Infuse’s website uses cookies to gather and save data about the functions you use and the pages you visit within the site. If you wish to completely avoid the cookies, turn off cookies in your browser settings.
NB: This will disable the item Store and the Request Samples tools and may affect overall performance of the site.
How to disable
The method to disable cookies will vary according to the type and version of your browser and whether you use a PC or an Apple Mac, but both will approximately follow these steps.
• Toolbar > Settings > Advances Settings > Privacy > Content Settings > Cookies
• Menu > Preferences > Privacy > Cookie Settings
Internet Explorer
With PC:
• Tools > Options > Privacy > Cookie Settings.
With Apple:
• Edit > Preferences > Receiving Files > Cookies > Cookie Settings.
• Edit > Preferences > Advance > Cookie radio buttons
• Tools > Options > Privacy > Cookie Settings
You will normally be able to accept all cookies, reject all cookies, accept certain types of cookie, and/or receive a warning before accepting a cookie. Alternatively, if you wish to remove these cookies from your computer at a later date you may clear them after visiting the site; this will not affect the performance of the site or the cookies in question.
For all other privacy matters please see our full Privacy Policy.
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