A Guide to Test Automation

Organisations are automating because there is an increasing need to deliver faster while maintaining quality. We need better software and we need it faster. One of the best ways to tackle this problem is with test automation. With that in mind, we created our own 22-page Guide to Test Automation.

Fast and High-Quality Modern Software Testing Framework – HPE

Modern software development needs testing and delivery tools that can create reusable tests, and many organizations are applying test automation to agile projects. Yet 15 years after agile was first introduced to software development lifecycles, QA teams still struggle with this. Learn how a fast and high-quality modern software testing framework can help.

Forrester: Boost Application Delivery Speed

Learn about common adoption patterns for automated testing that organizations follow on their road to delivering applications faster and with higher quality in this Forrester report, “Boost Application Delivery Speed And Quality With Agile DevOps Practices.

Automated Testing – Not Just a Quick Fix

It is amazing how often you hear that a management team is disappointed in the test tool that they bought. Is it the tool’s fault? Is it the tester’s fault? Or is it something else? In this paper, we have identified five areas that should be taken into consideration when looking to implement any type of test tool. These are based on experience gained over many test automation engagements.

DevOps Uncovered

Everyone is talking about it, but who is doing it? Infuse decided to get the opinions of four industry leaders who are all involved with DevOps. They represent a good cross-section of the industry and their varying views on DevOps illustrate how complex this nascent topic is. This whitepaper is designed to help those who are looking to make sense of DevOps.

Agile Testing

We had the good fortune to host a round table session at this year’s Next Generation Testing Conference. Since attendees could only participate in one session, we thought it would be beneficial to take notes on our session and then share them with a wider audience.