Agile Methodologies

Are you struggling to keep software delivery up to speed with customer and market demand? Do you want your leadership team to move from a directive management style to a more collaborative servant leadership? If so, read on.

What is Agile?

Agile is a methodology that involves the continuous iteration of development and testing in the Software Development Life-Cycle process.
Whereas DevOps bridges the gap between Developers & IT Operations, Agile bridges the gap between the customer/software requirement and the developer.
Agile focuses on creating small, rapid releases of software compared to traditional monolithic 'go live' waterfall approaches. Agile relies heavily on customer feedback and collaboration, emphasising the 'shift left' idea of testing earlier in the SDLC.
Agile methodologies' focus is on functional and non-functional readiness.

Test Early, Test Often

Testing earlier in the SDLC and more often allows you to detect faults sooner.


Agile allows you to become more collaborative in a Servant Leadership driven environment. It enables cross-functional teams that spend more time on tasks that the customer demands.


Agile can drastically transform your business by fine-tuning all the processes within.

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We had the good fortune to host a round table session at the Next Generation Testing Conference. Since attendees could only participate in one session, we thought it would be beneficial to take notes on our session and then share them with a wider audience.

How Infuse Can help you

With over 20+ years working with organisations around the world, Infuse can help anyone ensure their software is delivered faster, better and smarter. Over the last few years we have developed our own IT capability model, to allow organisations at any stage of maturity, successfully build a road-map towards DevOps and Agile Methodologies through a number of methods.
Infuse transforms organisational processes and people by utilising a combination of Agile, Lean and Portfolio Management. We use a variety of open-source tools as technology enablers.
Infuse can up-skill both staff and management to help you move away from a directive leadership approach towards what we call a more collaborative 'Servant Leadership' approach.
Using our 'Infuse Capability Model' Infuse builds you a roadmap that fits your unique business model, helping you to achieve your targets with measurable goals. With Infuse's expertise, we can adapt and customise to any level of Agile maturity - from a single high-performing Agile team to enterprise-wide Agile transformation.
“We make sure agile is instilled in the culture, our leadership, and the way we operate. The real power of agile is in the ability of the company to respond fast and effectively,” says Anuj Srivastava, Co-Founder & CEO at Livspace, who seems fully satisfied with Agile’s effectiveness.
“This was a high-profile project that was under very close scrutiny within the Home Office and where significant pressure was put on the development and test teams to deliver. To ensure delivery it was essential that a high calibre test and delivery team was available. Infuse worked seamlessly with our existing teams, provided a professional service and were always willing to go the extra mile; essential in high pressure projects.”

Programmers Manager


Want to try the Infuse Capability Model?

If you want to test and see how the ICM can help you, try our lite version free today! All you have to do is click the button below and answer a very simple 10 question survey. Once complete, an infuse consultant will reach out to you to discuss the results of the survey and how we can help you with you improve your software delivery!
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