March 1, 2024

Helping universities get ready for the new academic year

As we revert back to the “new” normal, it is imperative that the systems that support the student lifecycle and teaching are ready for the new academic year.

The quality of a university’s business systems and digital experience can make a critical difference to optimising student recruitment and increasing student engagement, ultimately leading to high quality outcomes and satisfaction levels - all essential factors in meeting your business objectives.

How can Infuse help universities in the new academic year?

Infuse specialises in enabling Higher Education Institutions to get the most out of their digital and business systems.

Our solutions and services are used within HEIs across network and telephony, business systems, virtual learning environments, teaching & learning technologies, eLearning, portals, service desks and statutory & legislative requirements.

We are trusted IT partners with many leading HEIs such as King’s College London, QMUL, LSBU, University of Exeter, University of Aberdeen and many others.

The quality of a university’s digital systems can be a critical differentiator and we provide innovative, cost-effective solutions that will sustain quality and continually enable HEIs to improve student outcomes and satisfaction .

We have specialist teams in the UK and India with strong Higher Education experience and subject matter knowledge in SAP Student Lifecycle, Tribal SITS, Moodle, LMS systems, Work tribe, Peoplesoft Campus, Unit 4 Business World.

In addition, we have accelerator kits of manual and automated test cases for many business applications including Tribal SITS, Oracle E-Business/ Fusion and SAP.

How has Infuse helped other HEIs?

Client Description 
London Southbank University Enterprise Architecture and Test Lifecycle support for LSBU’s LEAP programme encompassing the rollout of Salesforce CRM, Boomi saving 80% in regression test times 
Queen Mary 
University of London 
Re-architecture of the Moodle environment on AWS to improve performance. Preventing significant operational issues for Clearing 2021 and 2020 as a result of addressing issues identified by performance testing. 
Edinburgh Napier University DevOps Maturity Assessment and Transformation support that will enable ENU to deliver weeks of testing in hours 
King’s College London Managed test services across several projects: VLE, ERP, Tribal SITs, Worktribe, Dynamics CRM, LMS systems and migration to cloud including deployment of Tribal SITS accelerators to deliver weeks of testing in hours 
University of Exeter Performance Testing projects across VLE migrations and upgrades optimising Moodle for the Covid-19 pandemic and exams 
University of Aberdeen Enterprise Architecture, Implementation of event streaming architecture, DevOps Maturity Assessment and Transformation support that will reduce the TCO of running applications and reduce testing costs by 40% 
Anglia Ruskin University  Rearchitected of university architecture from point-to-point and deployment of a pilot project of the proposed architecture using Event Streaming in 2-weeks 
University of Bristol myERP the new integrated Finance, HR, Payroll and Procurement system for University of Bristol and Student Lifecycle Support Programme saving up to £1m in costs by the end of the programme 

Learn more about how we have helped HEIs over the last few years by watching presentations by our HEI Partners 

Content Title + Link Summary 
Getting Ready for Clearing: Is your institution
doing all they can to maximise the opportunity
offered by Clearing? 
Learn how Infuse helped Queen Mary,  University London with their clearing systems to ensure there was no down time 
Having your cake and eating it! - Learn
how the University of Aberdeen plan to
reduce cost, improve productivity, and
improve student/staff UX through
streamlined enterprise architecture 
Learn how the University of Aberdeen is enhancing and upgrading their legacy IT application interfacing approach, transitioning from point-to-point & batch processing to an API & event streaming approach enabling the interconnectivity of a range of on-prem and cloud/SaaS solutions 
Storming and Performing with Covid-19 Learn about how University of Exeter (UoE), King’s College London (KCL) and Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) successfully accelerated their digital transformation projects. 
How King's College is utilizing Load and
Performance testing to ensure their software
works better, faster and smarter 
Learn how King’s College London leverage Infuse performance engineering service to deliver Moodle upgrades better, faster and smarter 
Streaming – A Field Report in partnership
with Anglia Ruskin University 
Learn how Anglia Ruskin University are transforming their system integration architecture to solve legacy point to point integration challenges. 
Origami and Architecture in partnership
with Anglia Ruskin University 
Learn how Anglia Ruskin University are approaching innovation  
SLSP Video Case Study Learn how the University of Bristol saved a significant amount in testing costs by using continuous testing 

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