Lifecycle Virtualisation

Are your IT estate costs affecting your business growth? Are you looking for a way to scale and manage your company, systems and data, all while reducing the cost of your IT ownership? Then Lifecycle Virtualisation is the one for you!

What is Lifecycle Virtualisation?

Server virtualisation and cloud migration have become staples of organisations IT make up, helping them successfully secure, scale and manage their companies systems and data, all while reducing the cost of their overall IT estate. Lifecycle virtualisation takes this idea and simply applies it to your software lifecycle. Every step of the software lifecycle can be virtualised from planning and coding, through to testing and maintenance.


Analyse your current test environment and highlight any areas that can be targeted for improvement.


Define which action (policies, standards, processes, guidelines) and toolsets are needed to implement lifecycle virtualisation.


Help choose the right tools needed for your lifecycle virtualisation.


Offer a pilot or proof of value to show the selected tools can deliver the virtualisation required within the client organisation and that the proposed process can deliver the expected benefits.


Provide a full lifecycle virtualisation rollout.


Support and train customer all the way through the process, beyond the rollout.

Blog: How to enable DevOps and Increase productivity on a multi-faceted testing application

In 2021 Infuse was asked to consult on a nationwide multi-faceted testing system. The challenge here was this project spanned multiple companies, objectives, and functions, all working under the same umbrella.

Each one of these service providers own a set of systems – with Infuse brought on to aid one of the world’s largest multi-national service providers with their quality assurance testing (QAT) across every single system. With the help of the Infuse consultants, both functional and non-functional end-to-end testing was implemented across every system in the umbrella, finding defects faster and increasing productivity of their software delivery lifecycles.

What are the benefits of Lifecycle Virtualisation?


Service virtualisation allows you to combine other components such as network or data virtualisation to give you greater flexibility in your development set up, enabling the benefits of easier resource allocation, helping with your software development’s productivity.

Cost Reduction

Virtual lifecycle management systems mean you can easily and effectively allocate resources when needed, reducing overall IT ownership and labour costs helping you achieve a quicker ROI.


Waiting for the right tools to be available, the right connections and more importantly maintaining the physical environments required to testing / architecting can waste time and reduce productivity. With virtualisation the onus of this work is removed from the user, allowing them to focus on the software development without interruptions. The upside of this is being able to get your product to market faster, without compromising on quality.

Reduction of Errors

To this day a large percentage of organisations test their solution for defects at the end of the lifecycle and still undertake practices of manual regression / performance testing which can lead to errors and slow down production.

Virtualisation helps bring testing forward into the development lifecycle, meaning catching defects as they emerge in a far more cost-effective manner, while enablement of automated testing when it comes to performance and regression can seriously reduce manual error, speed up productivity and increase the overall quality of your software development.

Want to learn more about Lifecycle Virtualisation?

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