Performance Engineering 

Want to ensure the non-functional requirements of your software is met at every stage of the software development life-cycle? Read on to find out more.
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What is Performance Engineering?

Performance Engineering (PE) is an end-to-end application performance testing process. It enables ‘shift-left’ performance testing and 'shift-right' performance monitoring.

What this means is shifting performance and load testing into the development life-cycle, not merely post-development as traditional performance testing does.

PE utilises application performance tools to monitor applications through their development life-cycle. PE is a cross functional process incorporating multiple teams from Dev to QA as well as business analysts, ensuring the user experience is included as part of the performance criteria.

PE includes traditional performance testing such as load / stress / stability within its processes.

How can Performance Engineering be of Benefit to you?


With Infuse’s help, your organisation will be able to release software faster, and more often by knowing that non-functional issues have been addressed.


Performance and Scalability go hand in hand. With greater visibility over your software’s capacity, Infuse help provide you with a clear understanding of what work needs to be undertaken to effectively scale up your production to meet consumer needs.


With performance engineering, stakeholders will have greater visibility and confidence in the reliability of your systems and software, helping protect and maintain your organisation’s image through defect prevention.

Storming and Performing: Cloud Adoption & Covid-19

In 2020, the very basis of how education is delivered and operated fundamentally changed.

Due to lockdown restrictions, peak periods such as examinations, graduations, admissions, and clearing required a rapid change of delivery from on-premise to cloud. For example, examinations needed to be performed remotely at short notice and clearing call agents needed to work across distributed teams from home using software phone systems based on laptops.

Join Infuse, University of Exeter (UoE), King’s College London (KCL) and Queen Mary University of London (QMUL), as we take you through how all three successfully accelerated their digital transformation projects to cope with such changes.

Where does Infuse come in?

We work to solve...


Being software delivery experts, Infuse has the technical expertise to ensure all aspects of your software and systems go off without a hitch. 


Infuse can provide both training to help up-skill in-house staff as well as testing through staff augmentation to ensure your software delivery meets the highest possible standard.


With over 20+ years of knowledge in testing, Infuse can help you correctly establish your performance framework and non-functional requirements, while making sure you adhere to industry best practices.


With Infuse’s managed services you never again have to worry about whether you have the time / ability or the capacity to get your tests done. 
“Infuse conducted themselves at a professional level the entire time they were on site. We trusted them, as they are clearly the professionals in this field, and we were not let down.”

Fixed Income & Exotics IT Programme Director

Tier 1 Investment Bank

Channel Four: A Case Study

Non-linear viewing is growing in popularity and that has increased the traffic to Channel 4's website to over two million on-demand views a day. New services need to be thoroughly tested before they go live and that is achieved with Infuse & Micro Focus LoadRunner.
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