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Test Automation Services

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What is it?

  • Test automation is quickly maturing, with the average percentage of test case automation coverage increasing from 28% in 2014-15 to 45% in 2015-16. – World Quality Report 2015-16
  • Yet a reliance on manual testing is the number one technological challenge in application development today. – World Quality Report 2015-16
  • Our Test Automation Services offer a structured approach to automated testing that covers strategy, tooling, script creation, execution and maintenance.
  • Software testers utilising automated test tools to automate tests throughout the software development lifecycle.
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How does it work?

  • Infuse is able to help companies at any level of test automation maturity. From initial  evaluation to a fully managed service, we are able to find a solution for any test automation need.
  • We have a simple four-step process. You can invoke any step at any time to suit you:
    1. A proof-of-value stage: prove automated testing suits you via a cost benefit analysis.
    2. Procurement and installation of the solution.
    3. Implementation of the solution and handing over to your incumbent team to run and govern.
    4. A fully managed service.
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Which issues does it address?

  • Ineffectiveness – You need to accelerate the adoption process for test automation to realise its benefits. You don’t know where to start.
  • Tools – you don’t know which tools to choose i.e. should I choose an leading enterprise solution or adopt an innovative open source tool?
  • People – you have great test knowledge in-house but your automated testing knowledge could be improved. You want to kick-start the programme for knowledge transfer.
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How does it help?

  • Faster – Infuse has a mature out-of-the-box process to enable you to adopt this process in a matter of weeks, not months
  • Smarter – Choose a solution–not a tool – that gives you the maximum business benefit. Ensure that your solution  provides you maximum benefit by making your upstream processes help test automation be successful e.g. environments, releases, data.
  • Better – ‘Shift left’. Test earlier and more often to detect more faults sooner. Reduce test cycle time and cost. Gain greater control and transparency of test activities and decide whether you want to run the service or work with a partner to run it for you.

We all want to automate testing,
but challenges get in the way

Too technical

Too technical

  • Test automation becomes “the software project”, distracting from the main task at hand.
  • Requires programming skills for scripting
High maintenance required

High maintenance required

  • Application changes require script programming and updating of object repository as well functional and technical maintenance
  • Cannot keep up with rate of change
Misalignment with Business & IT

Misalignment with Business & IT

  • Difficult for business to maintain or validate automated test scripts
  • Test Automation doesn’t deliver ROI; high CAPEX; low coverage
Scarce availability of qualified automated testers

Scarce availability of qualified automated testers

  • Test automation resources are expensive
  • Quality of staff variable